Games and Galleons

Galleon has invoked a certain sense of nostalgia and mystique for a lot of people owing a lot to its rich history. It reigned supreme over the open waters during the 15th to 16th century being used as both warship and cargo ship. They have seen their fare share of action on the water as well as transporting valuable goods and commodities between continents.

The fascination people had with Galleons also rippled out into exciting slot games enjoyed by a lot of people. Slot games are already a popular casino game, putting in the Galleon and even pirates into the mix made them all the more enticing. Here are a few of the online slot games that are out there for your enjoyment. If you are new to world of casino games it can be good to read about what casinos to pick and how to get your winnings in an easy way. Read more about easy payouts here. 

Golden Galleon Online Slot

This pirate-style slot game that features amazing Galleon designs offers 5 reels giving 10 pay lines for players to enjoy. It features wild bonus as well as free games bonus and even a double or nothing feature that will test how comfortable you are taking risks. The game has all the features and feel of a Galleon enough to give you hours of fun and enjoyment.

Wild Galleon

Bakoo put together this Wild Galleon game that also makes use of people’s fascination with Galleons making it a big hit among players. The slot game is pretty straightforward with a 5 by 3 board just like you were searching for treasure in the days of pirates out in sea. The Galleons were attractive targets for pirates at the time though they were way because it was fully armed to protect its cargo.

The color and graphics of the game includes maps, compasses, pirate flags and even guns. These are some of the most important tools of trade in the past when running a Galleon making sure that they are able to sail from one port to the next. The game offers 10 pay lines with a wide array of combinations on the reels.

Bets can be anywhere between 25 to 300 and when gamers put in bets of either 200 or 300, they get to enjoy payouts on left to right and right to left combinations on the reel. This exponentially increases their chances of winning it big with that amount of bet on the game. The Wild Flag is the wild symbol on the game that replaces any symbol excluding the scatter.

Pirates’ Millions Online Slot

This 5 reel game offers as much as 25 pay lines and takes on the feel of being a pirate out in the sea. It offers Gold Chests and scatters symbols across the reels that increase your chances of winning. It also has the Galleon’s Gold feature where you are able to accumulate your wins.

Buccaneers Treasure Online Slots

Buccaneers Treasure slots offer 15 pay lines across 5 reels where the wild symbol can easily triple your payout. Coin size for betting can be anywhere between 10 cents to as much as $30. The Buccaneer Symbol is the wild symbol in the game that can replace everything except for the scatter symbol.

Winning is quite easy with 3 Galleon symbols offering two time your bet and 5 Galleon symbols would multiply your bet as much as 10 times. With the wild card serving as a tripler, you can see your treasure build up as you play the game.