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This site will help you understand how the Galleon in the past helped facilitate trade and commerce and redefined the art of war out in the open sea. During the time of explorers, navigators and sea traders, the Galleons were one of the most used ships in hauling important cargo from one port to another as well as protecting the same.

Famous Galleons

The Galleons were used mainly during the 15th to the 16th century and there were some of the very famous ones that traveled the seas. The site will give you an idea about the Batavia which was used for spice trade by Amsterdam. You will also read up on Nuestra SeƱora De Santisima Trinidad which was a first-rate type fighter on the side of the Spanish fleet used during the American War of Independence.

Galleon games

The site also takes a look at some of the Galleon-inspired slot games that offer a lot of fun and excitement for players. There are games such as the Golden Galleon and the Wild Galleon that offers multiple ways of winning. With the design and feel of the game bringing you back to the heyday of the Galleons, you will be sure to come out a winner.

Galleon History

The Galleon has a rich and exciting history behind it as it was used for multiple purposes out in the sea. As big as it was, it took on double duties as a cargo ship and an essential part of any fleet on the offensive. Its size provided a big hull as well as space for multiple guns. The site will give you a history on how Galleons started out in the sea. You will also understand how the Galleons were put together and constructed to be able to serve its purpose.

Pirates and their ship

The site will also walk you through some of the most popular pirates at the time and the ships that they were using. This will give you an idea how they opted for smaller yet faster boats compared to Galleons. As the Galleon proved to be an enticing target for pirates, they usually stay away from it avoiding the big guns it carries on its side.

The Manila Galleon

One of the most popular Galleons was the Manila Galleon that transported goods and commodities over the Pacific Ocean. The site will explain how the Spaniards found a way to travel the length of the Pacific docking in Manila in the Philippines from Acapulco in Mexico. This facilitated trade of spices and especially Chinese porcelain and silk.